Top 5 American Shorthair Cat Breeders: A Guide

You can’t go wrong with choosing an excellent breeder for American Shorthair cat breeding. It is essential to acquire the very cat breed for your warm home. The American Shorthair is an amateur breed which its forefathers are traced back to the colonial period in the USA.

Through the years, this dog has evolved into a well-known pet iconized for its friendly character and robust health. Throughout The United States, top breeders are like Whisker’s R Us and Purrfect Paws Cattery. These breeders have established names for them, showing a will for health, socialization, and happiness in their kittens.

The ethical breeders, in close partnership with the rescuers, take reasonable care to screen breeding dogs through health tests, and the pups are placed as healthy cat beginners to loving families. Therefore, you should pick a responsible breeder who can offer the necessary health clearances and choose the perfect adoption routine to become the owner of an American Shorthair kitten that will surely bring you a lot of happiness and affection for a long time.

Understanding the American Shorthair Cat Breed

Top 5 American Shorthair Cat Breeders
Top 5 American Shorthair Cat Breeders

Introduction: Discovering the Charm of American Shorthairs

American Shorthairs kitty cats are known for their friendliness, durability, and striking look. While they traced their origin to the land of the US, they have gained wide recognition in the following world, particularly for their peculiar features and friendliness. This article provides an introduction to American Shorthair cat breeders, five of which are known to be among the best and the most reliable sources for well-socialised kittens and free of illnesses.

Origins and History of the American Shorthair Breed

Starting with the European settlers who bred the American Shorthair cats onboard ships to eliminate rat populations in the ship’s hull during the colonial period, this breed has a rich history dating back to the earliest days of American history. The different strains of cats mingled to form a new breed, the American Shorthair. They were cherished for their hunting abilities in old times and now are the most pampered and low-maintenance members of the family. They are cherished for their warm and affectionate characters.

Characteristics of American Shorthair Cats

Characteristics of American Shorthair Cats
Characteristics of American Shorthair Cats

Physical Attributes

American Shorthair has a solid, compact body, larger chest, and well-defined contours. The American Shorthair can have different coat patterns. They have their kind of short, dense fur and are available in many colours and patterns like tabby, solid, tuxedo, bi and Tricolor. They express their personality with great eyes and dashing, well-proportioned bodies, allowing them to stand out and look graceful.


This cat breed is so well known for its pleasant and friendly attitude that these pets are perfect for families with children and people new to owning them. Although they are quiet, forthcoming, and attached to their human partners, they are still a good choice for a pet. Such cats are famous for their cuddliness and high intelligence; therefore, they are suitable pets for households that love cats.

Selecting a Reputable Breeder

Characteristics of American Shorthair Cats
Characteristics of American Shorthair Cats

One must accurately address the American Shorthair kitten’s choice as having a reliable and responsible breeder who works with breeding ethics and cats’ health and well-being as critical factors.

Health Testing

Have the breeder perform health screening on his prospective mating tomcats for the cats’ various genetic diseases and health status. The health testing procedure in these places ensures the management of genetically predisposing conditions and maintains the longevity of cats.


Unfortunately, many kittens are often sold or given away too young without training to interact with humans and other pets. Therefore, finding a breeder who focuses on the early socialization of their kittens is critical. Puppies that, at early weeks, explore and become accustomed to diverse things and situations are much more likely to grow into secure and calm adults.

References and Reviews

Ask for recommendations from cat owners who have bought kittens from this breeder or online communities where people talk about the breeder. The good comments and testimonies guide us in understanding the reputation of breeders and whether their cats are of top quality.

Top 5 American Shorthair Cat Breeders

Characteristics of American Shorthair Cats
Characteristics of American Shorthair Cats

In this segment, we will exclusively point out five American Shorthair cat breeders who have been awarded for breeding felines that exhibit health, socialization, and physical wellness. They are the epitome of breeding prowess as they never cease to adhere to the breed standard and smooth out the care of their feline cats.

1. Whisker’s R Us

Whisker’s R Us is a well-recognizable cosset in the middle of America, the state in the middle neighbourhood of the United States. By emphasizing that they deliver kittens with terrific temperament and high health, Whisker’s R Us has garnered a name in the cat breeding community as a reliable source. Each of them takes their kittens to heart and provides them with an experienced upbringing and intensive check-ups.

2. Purrfect Paws Cattery

Whether in need of socialization or involved in purchasing American Short hair kittens, Purrfect Paws Cattery doesn’t neglect temperament because of that. The home of Purrfect Paws Cattery is on the West Coast, where they wisely foster the emotional condition of their cats. The result is lovely kittens that are excellent companions. They have an ethical breeding process that ensures their health, which sets them apart as the top choice of pet owners.

3. Feline Friends Inc.

American Shorthair breeding cattery of the famous «Feline Friends Inc.» is a family-owned enterprise which selects felines based on their excellent health and temperament. Cats Colony Fort Wayne is located in the northeast of the city, which is the reason for its special approach, which is that the cat colonies are raised with a hands-on method to supply them with constant love and much-needed socialization. The quality of their cattery’s careful attention to creating and ensuring that healthy, well-balanced cats excel a high level of concern, which earned them the title of being among the top American Shorthair breeders in the region.

4. Meow Manor Cattery

Meow Manor Cattery is a breeding facility that strives to have only modern and up-to-date American Shorthair kittens with an emphasis on health, temperament, and breeding standards. South located Meow Manor, we are cat lovers and are all about the felines’ health. Meow Manor Cattery offers felines a stimulating environment for their physical well-being. Homed kittens are the result of this love and caring, which leads to improved mental health and the development of good social behaviour. This leads to happy and functioning kittens, thus bringing joy to their new families.

5. Pawsitively Perfect Kittens

Pawsitively Perfect Kittens specializes in producing American Shorthair cats that are taken with a deep interest in quality and behaviour. Pawsitively Perfect Kittens, a small, independently owned business centred on the East Coast, takes its name from the constant production of good-looking and personable kittens. Their determination to quality breeding and undoubtedly the performance of pets’ health motivates most cat lovers to acquire Purebred Cats.

Acquiring Your American Shorthair Kitten

Acquiring Your American Shorthair Kitten
Acquiring Your American Shorthair Kitten

With the best American Shorthair cat breeders having been introduced earlier, you can now choose between getting your part-time companion. It is an incredible time to adopt a new kitten, and a good breeder is the most important thing to provide you with great enjoyment during pet ownership.

Contacting the Breeder

First, it’s essential to find breeders that meet your breed and character preferences and your values and principles. Secondly, contact their breeding studio to inform the breeder that you’re willing to get one of your new kittens. Give details about your living situation, like if you have children or elderly pets living with you. Also, make sure to mention things like what gender of cat you would like, your preferred colour, and if you have any personality traits that might affect the cat selection. Most breeders’ queues are usually extremely long, implying that the best time to seek a kitten is for adoption.

Visiting the Cattery

If possible, arrange a date for a visit so that you can familiarize yourself with the breeder and his cats in person. It will give you an idea of what they live in so that you can stay healthy and ensure they are well-socialized and raised in a loving home. A crucial task during this visit is to play with these kitties and examine their behaviour accordingly to judge if they will be compatible with your household.

Reserving Your Kitten

Next, after you pick a kitten, the owner of the breeder’s kitten could ask for a deposit to ensure you only have one kitten to bring home with you. This is typically non-returnable and serves as an act to formally accept the fostering of the kitten. Either one thing to do is to look at and sign any adoption contracts or agreements that the breeder makes you promise to keep the adoption conditions and your side obligations.

Preparing for Your Kitten’s Arrival

Before bringing your new buddy home, prepare your living space and assemble your necessary food, a water bowl, a litter tray, hay racks, and toys. Prepare a small but well-comforted area to help your kitten feel safe and familiar with the changes. Also, keep your kitten emotionally loaded with care and love so that it feels safe and secure.

Bringing Your Kitten Home

While you take the kitten home on adoption day, use a small, safe carrier to carry the kitten. It will be a measure of safety. On arrival, introduce your kitten to the area that will provide them enough room to explore without hurrying them. Be patient and understanding as the kitten adapts to its new surroundings, and keep reassuring them and giving them back whenever they need it.

Veterinary Care and Continued Support

Book an appointment with a veterinarian for your kitten shortly after adoption lets you confirm that the kitten is healthy, and they have all vaccination and prophylaxis procedures done. Set a veterinarian who is diligent at your service to handle the healthcare matters of your kitten throughout its entire life.


Getting an American Shorthair kitten of a good backgrounder is the initial activity that will bring you a delightful life. By opting a breeder following ethical breeding procedures and cats” best interests, you will be set to live with a moral conscience knowing that it is the right decision to raise a cat into your family. Your American Shorthair kitten can achieve happiness and develop a bond with your family with great love, patience, and proper caring.


Are American Shorthair cats high maintenance?

American shorthair cats are not demanding, as they do not require unique amenities. Some short-coated shorthair types call for very little grooming and are typically healthy and well-tempered, which makes them an excellent choice for most homes.

Is an American Shorthair cat a tabby?

American Shorthair cats comprise many colors, including the well-known patched pattern. However, not all American Shorthairs (ASH) are tabbies. They are of diverse colors like roan, spotted, black, or white, or they can even be bi-color or calico coats.

Is American Shorthair a good cat?

Yes. They are well known for being friendly and pleasant, making friends with family and individuals.

Are American Shorthair cats noisy?

The American Shorthair cats are not readily known for their noise levels. They charter the territory and do not make maximum vocalizations associated with other breeds.

Are American Shorthair cats cheap?

Unlike purebreds of the American Shorthair cat, they don’t come cheap. Nevertheless, they are more affordable than some specified gene breeds. Yet, the financial aspect of buying a cat should be reasonably weighted regarding responsible breeding and the level of care the bird or cat is getting.

Are American cats friendly?

The American cats, like American Shorthairs, are known for their friendly and gregarious moods; hence, they love to be with people. Many of these dogs have an instinct that makes them suitable with strangers, including children and other dogs.

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